The Most Romantic Pieces of Classical Music Ever

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s the time of year for romance. To get you, or your loved one, in the mood, we’ve put together a list of the most romantic pieces of classical music ever written.

1. Salut d’Amour, Elgar

Elgar this emotional piece in 1888 and gave it to his fiancée, Caroline Alice Roberts, as an engagement present. The piece was dedicated in French “à Carice”. This was a name Elgar had for his fiancée, a combination of her first and middle names. Beautifully, the couple would later name their daughter Carice.

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2. Quanto e Bella, Donizetti

Translated as “how beautiful she is”, this piece by Donizetti has a personal history. Written to open his comic opera L’Elisir d’Amore (The Elixir of Love), the protagonist Nemorino, a poor peasant, declaims his love for the wealthy owner of his land Adina. Donizetti himself, as a struggling composer, was spared from doing military service when a rich woman paid it off for him.

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3. La fille aux cheveux de lin, Debussy

This beautiful prelude, dedicated to “The girl with flaxen hair”, is one of the most romantic piano works ever written. It is based on a French poem by Leconte de Lisle: “Your mouth has such colours divine, / My dear, so tempting to kisses. / On grass in bloom, / talk to me, please, / Girl with fine curls and long lashes.”

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4. Tango, Isaac Albeniz

Originally written for piano as part of his España suite, this romantic work by Albeniz is often performed by two classical guitars. Close your eyes, sit back, and imagine yourself sitting in a street-side cafe on a sultry night in Spain.

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5. Moonlight Sonata, Adagio, Beethoven

Perhaps the perfect piece of piano music? Evoke the silky touch of moonlight with this solemn but stunning bit of Beethoven. Hector Berlioz once described this work as “one of those poems that human language does not know how to qualify.”

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