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Nat 'King' Cole owed his stellar international reputation to his soft baritone, although before he started singing professionally he was already an accomplished jazz pianist. This album of his later vocal hits, from 'Unforgettable' to 'Mona Lisa' and 'Million-Dollar Baby' reveals a wonderful musician at work. A film star and idol of the 50s, he was feted by public and politicians alike, not least for his pioneering TV shows.

Original recordings 1950-1958

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1 Mona Lisa
2 This Can't Be Love
3 Unforgettable
4 Too Young
5 Walkin' My Baby Back Home
6 Somewhere Along the Way
7 Tenderly
8 Pretend
9 Smile
10 Darling, je vous aime beaucoup
11 A Blossom Fell
12 If I May
13 Fascination
14 Around the World
15 Breezin' Along with the Breeze
16 Love is a Many-Splendoured Thing
17 Night Lights
18 Stay As Sweet as You Are
19 Love Letters
20 Come Closer to Me
21 I Found a Million-Dollar Baby
22 For All We Know

Original recordings 1950-1958

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Made in Great Britain

1 Mona Lisa (Livingston, Evans) Chappell
With Les Baxter's Orchestra
-11 Mar 1950

2 This Can't Be Love (Rodgers, Hart) Chappell
With Nelson Riddle's Orchestra
-28 Jan 1953

3 Unforgettable (Gordon) Bourne Music
With Nelson Riddle's Orchestra
-17 Aug 1951

4 Too Young (Lippman, Dee) Sun Music
With Les Baxter's Orchestra
-2 Feb 1951

5 Walkin' My Baby Back Home
(Ahlert, Turk, Richman) Victoria
With Billy May's Orchestra
-9 Apr 1951

With Nelson Riddle's Orchestra
6 Somewhere Along the Way (Adams, Gallop) F.D.& H.
-10 Jan 1952

7 Tenderly (Gross, Lawrence) E.H.Morris
-27 Jan 1953

8 Pretend (Douglas, Parman. Lavere) MCA Music
-30 Dec 1952

9 Smile (Chaplin, Turner, Parsons) Bourne Music
-27 Jul 1954

10 Darling, je vous aime beaucoup (Sosenko) F.D.& H.
-24 Aug 1953

11 A Blossom Fell (Barnes, Cornelius, John) Mistletoe Music
-20 Dec 1954

12 If I May (Singleton, McCoy) Sherwin Music

13 Fascination (Marchetti, Manning) Southern Music
-8 Aug 1957

14 Around the World (Young, Adamson) Chappell
-8 Aug 1957

15 Breezin' Along with the Breeze
(Gillespie, Simons, Whiting) F.D.& H

16 Love is a Many-Splendoured Thing
(Fain, Webster) Robbins Music

17 Night Lights (Conn, Gallop) Chapell
-Dec 1955

With Gordon Jenkins' Orchestra
18 Stay As Sweet As You Are (Revel, Gordon) Victoria/ Chappell
-28 Dec 1956

19 Love Letters (Young, Heyman) Famous Chappell/ F. D. & H.
-9 Dec 1956

With Armando Romeu Jr. Ensemble
20 Come Closer To Me (Acércate más) (Farrés, Stewart) Southern Music
-17 Feb 1958

With Gordon Jenkins' Orchestra
21 I Found A Million-Dollar Baby
(In A Five-And-Ten-Cent Store) F. D. & H.
-May 1958

22 For All We Know (Coots, Lewis) F. D. & H.
-May 1958

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