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Scotland the Brave /A Pageant of Celtic Music 2CDs - SAVE £12

Scotland the Brave /A Pageant of Celtic Music 2CDs - SAVE 12

Ref: CD218

WAS £14.99 - NOW £2.99

O, wail for the mighty in battle,
Loud lift ye the Coronach strain;
For Hector, the Hero, of deathless fame,
Will never come back again.

The landscapes of Scotland, its myths, legends and heroes, are recalled and lamented in two atmospheric programmes of powerful music for pipes, clarsach, voices and instruments.

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1 Cumha MhicCriomainn - MacCrimmon's lament
2 Mairi bhan og - Mary young and fair
3 By my ain fireside (Cradle song)/Cailinn mo ruinsa (The maid I adore)/ Fairy lullaby
4 The yellow hair'd laddie
5 These are my mountains
6 Hooly & fairly
7 Waly, waly
8 Polwart on the green
9 Doctor Ross's 50th welcome to the Argyleshire Gathering/Angus Mackinnon/Bengullion
10 My fair and rare one
11 By yon castle wa'
12 Fear a'bhata - The boatman
13 The last time I came o'er the moor
14 The banks of Forth
15 Mac an Irish strathspey/AA Cameron strathspey/The maids of the Black Glen/The blackthorn bush/Rocking the baby/The jig of slurs/ Rocking the baby jig
16 Hector the hero
17 Traditional Lullaby/The Atholl Highlanders/The clumsy lover
18 Eriskay Love-lilt
19 Katherine Ogie
20 My deary, if thou die
21 Betsy Bell & Mary Gray
22 Harp Song
23 Scotland the brave
24 Amazing Grace
25 Auld Lang Syne

Sarah Hill
Niall Mushet
Sara Stowe
Martin Souter
Ian Giles

1 Drops of brandy
2 Trooper and Maid
3 My love she is but a lassy yet/The Athol highlanders
4 Miss Macleod's Reel
5 My love/Jimmy Allen
6 Tam lin
7 Bernard's well/Braes of Auchertyre/Madam McKeany's Scottish measure
8 East neuk o' Fife
9 Captain Keeler
10 The lights are out - Da slocket licht
11 The bonny banks of Fordie
12 The white cockade
13 I wish I were where Helen lies
14 Heather down the moor
15 Westlin' winds
16 Tibby Fowler
17 Jock o' Hazeldean
18 Mingulay boat song

The Amber Quartet
Dr Faustus
Ian Giles, Ian Page
Jon Banks, Sara Stowe, Matthew Spring, Sharon Lindo

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