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In Dulci Jubilo

In Dulci Jubilo

Ref: CDG1141

20 tracks 69 min
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Cheerful Christmas organ music from Magdalen College, Oxford
Thrill to the sound of the mightly organ playing Christmas favourites in the generous acoustics of the chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford. An international programme with music ranging from J S Bach to Adolphe Adam, from 'Sleepers Awake' to 'Adeste Fideles'.

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In Dulci Jubilo
Cheerful Christmas organ music from Magdalen College, Oxford

Thrill to the sound of the mighty organ playing Christmas favourites in the generous acoustics of the chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford. An international programme, with music ranging from JS Bach to Adolphe Adam, from 'Sleepers Awake' to 'Adeste Fideles', featuring some of the best Christmas organ music that Europe and America have to offer.

1 Sleepers, Awake! BWV645 Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750
2 Cantique de Noël Adolphe Adam 1803-1856
arranged WJ Westbrook 1831-1894
3 The Holy Boy (A Carol of the Nativity) John Ireland 1879-1962
4 Cradle Song (Christmas Oratorio) Johann Sebastian Bach
5 In Dulci Jubilo Virgil Fox/Johann Sebastian Bach
6 Adeste Fideles in an Organ Prelude Charles Ives 1874-1954
7 Carol Ralph Vaughan Williams 1872-1958
8 Good King Wenceslas Traditional
arranged Virgil Fox 1912-1980
9 In Dulci Jubilo Franz Liszt 1811-1886
arranged Virgil Fox
10 Praise be to the Almighty God BWV602 Johann Sebastian Bach
11 Noël - When God was born at Christmas Time Louis-Claude Daquin 1694-1772
12 Dearest Jesu, we are here BWV732 Johann Sebastian Bach
13 Pastoral Symphony (Messiah) George Frideric Handel 1685-1759
14 Lord Christ, the only Son of God BWV601 Johann Sebastian Bach
15 Chorale Prelude on Silent Night Samuel Barber 1910-1981
16 Praised be you, Jesus Christ BWV604 Johann Sebastian Bach
17 The day so full of joy BWV605 Johann Sebastian Bach
18 A Meditation on A Virgin Most Pure Eric H Thiman 1900-1975
19 Lullay, thou little tiny child C Armstrong Gibbs 1889-1960
20 Christmas Postlude George Garrett 1834-1897

Martin Souter
The Mander organ of Magdalen College, Oxford

Cover: St. Dominic with four musical angels Fra Angelico
P & C 2005 Classical Communications Ltd
Made in Great Britain

In Dulci Jubilo
Cheerful Christmas organ music from Magdalen College, Oxford

For many people the glorious sounds of the organ are closely associated with Christmas and its time of celebration. This recording presents a selection of Christmas organ music from four centuries, from the high Baroque style of Johann Sebastian Bach to lovely, gentle works by twentieth century English composers and arrangements by one of the most legendary organist of our time, the great Virgil Fox. In addition there are pieces by some of the great names of twentieth-century American music, Charles Ives and Samuel Barber. The music varies in style from bold, energetic works based on hymn tunes and carols to calm cradle songs and lullabies. The pieces show us the great contrasts in sound of which the beautiful Mander organ is capable, from the majesty of full organ (pulling out all the stops!) to the soft, warm sound of a single flute stop.

The Mander organ

Magdalen College Chapel has undergone several internal transformations since it was built at the end of the fifteenth century. The last major change was the great church architect Cottingham's transformation of the choir stalls, reredos and organ screen which was carried out between 1829 and 1834. At this time an unusual stone organ case was constructed for the screen which has remained unique throughout the world today. The history of the organs of Magdalen College Chapel is long and complex. From the college accounts books, which survive in unbroken sequence for every year from 1481 onwards, large amounts of information can be gleaned about the variety of instruments that the chapel possessed. It even appears that in the seventeenth century a special "house organ" (which is no longer there) was built onto the side of the chapel by the charmingly named Mr Badger. The instrument placed in this extension has become know as the "Milton" organ. It was removed from the college sometime after 1654 and placed in Hampton Court Palace where if was played by the poet John Milton and thus acquired its name. The organ was returned to the college in 1660 and eventually sold to Tewkesbury Abbey in 1736. The "organ house" was destroyed at that time. The main case of this old Magdalen instrument can still be seen in Tewkesbury. A completely new instrument was built for the chapel in 1986 by the London firm of N P Mander Ltd under the direction of the Informator Choristarum, Dr John Harper. It makes ingenious use of the unique stone organ case. The style of the instrument owes much to 17th and 18th century English organs and it is particularly noted for the warmth and clarity of its sound. The instrument has been carefully "voiced" to perfectly match the chapel's acoustics and to blend with the refined sounds of the world-famous men and boys choir which has sung daily services in the chapel for four hundred years. At the same time, however, its "singing" style and well chosen specification enables it to play repertoire from a wide range of styles and periods.

Great (in the stone case)
Open Diapason 8
Chimney Flute 8
Principal 4
Spitz Flute 4
Fifteenth 2
Sesquialtera II
Mixture IV
Trumpet 8

Swell (in the wooden case)
Stopped Diapason 8
Viola da Gamba 8
Principal 4
Stopped Flute 4
Nazard 2 2/3
Gemshorn 2
Tierce 1 3/5
Mixture III-IV
Oboe 8

Pedal (in the towers on the sides of the wooden case)
Subbass 16
Principal 8
Fifteenth 4
Bassoon 16
Trumpet 8

Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal.
A third keyboard acts as coupler manual

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