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Folk Music of the British Isles

Folk Music of the British Isles

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Some of the best of British folk music representing each country of the British Isles. England is represented by various countryside traditions such as hunting and poaching! Then follow some of Ireland's best-known tunes and some vigorous Scottish dances. From Wales we have lullabies and ballads.

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1 The Innocent Hare
The Amber Quartet
2 Hal and Tow/ Shropshire Lass
The Amber Quartet
3 John Barleycorn
The Amber Quartet
4 Lemmy Brazil's Hornpipe
John Spiers, melodeon
5 The Lincolnshire Poacher
Dr Faustus, Benjie Kirkpatrick
6 The Banks of the Bann
The Amber Quartet
7 Sibeag Simor
Dr Faustus
8 The Galway Shawl
Ian Giles
9 Blackwaterside
Ian Page
10 My Love she's but a lassie yet/The Atholl Highlanders
The Amber Quartet
11 Miss MacLeod's Reel
Sharon Lindo, pipes
12 Trooper and Maid
Dr Faustus
13 Westlin' Winds
Ian Page
14 Suo Gan (Sleep my Baby)
The Amber Quartet
15 Llwyn Onn (The Ash Grove)
The Amber Quartet
16 Cysga di (Sleep Away my Gentle Child)
The Amber Quartet
17 Y Deryn du (The Blackbird)
Jon Banks, harp

Cover Image: The keeping of Christmas at Bracebridge Hall Charles Edmund Brock Lebrecht Music & Arts
This compilation P & C 2014 Classical Communications Ltd
Made in Great Britain

Folk Music of the British Isles

The highlands and islands of Britain have always been alive with music. 'The land without music' was always a poor description of life on these shores. True enough, there have not been many composers of the stature of a Mozart or a Beethoven, but practical music-making has always been a strong feature of life here over the centuries.

The choral tradition was maintained here long after it fell into neglect in Europe and amateur music was heard in every town and city for many centuries. The choirs of today are still the envy of Europe and there are many orchestras and opera companies hard at work in London and beyond. This is as true of the folk music tradition as of the classical and every town and even village has its devoted musicians who meet frequently to make music. This is certainly true of the folk music tradition, which is alive and well.

Some of the finest exponents of this tradition can be heard on this album. The voices of the incomparable Ian Giles, of Benjie Kirkpatrick and Ian Page resonate and sound quite magnificent. Many of these musicians are Oxford-based, singing and playing within the 'Amber Triangle', a part of the city famed for its pubs and clubs where much music is live. Many of these musicians have become slick professionals as the stunning arrangements on this album perfectly demonstrate.

Many of the melodies are well known. The Lincolnshire Poacher is a famous song as is The Ash Grove. Other melodies may not be so well-known but they have a great beauty. The Welsh lullabies in particular are very moving in their apparent simplicity and many of us will know the Irish melody 'The Banks of the Bann' as 'Lord of all hopefulness', a stalwart of school assemblies throughout the world!

There are dances galore: reels, hornpipes and many more. Sometimes we can hear musicians' feet tapping: feel free to join in!

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