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Folk Music of Ireland

Folk Music of Ireland

Ref: CDG1017

19 tracks
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This album and its companion volumes present some of Britain's finest folk musicians performing a selection of songs and instrumental music from the British folk tradition.

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Folk Music of Ireland

1 The banks of the Bann
2 The rakes of Kildare/The Connaught man's rambles
3 The lark in the clear air
4 Sibeag simor
5 The Galway shawl
6 Out on the ocean
7 Blackwaterside
8 Tripping upstairs/Lannigan's ball/The Blarney pilgrim
9 The doffin mistress
10 I'll tell me Ma
11 The Irish girl
12 The minstrel boy
13 The blackthorn tree
14 Kesh Jig/Foxhunter's Jig/St Anne's Reel
15 Paddy's green shamrock shore
16 Connaught Mary and James O'Donnell/Down at the wakehouse
17 Wild rover
18 Irish medley including Barney Brallaghan/Irish merry making
19 She moved through the fair
20 Bonaparte's March
21 Curragh of Kildare
22 The Irish washerwoman/Shandon bells/Maggie Brown

This album and its companion volumes (Folk Music of England CCLCDG1016, Folk Music of Scotland CCLCDG1018, Folk Music of Wales CCLCDG1019) present some of Britain's finest folk musicians performing a selection of songs and instrumental music from the British folk tradition. These recordings have the air of spontaneous, impromptu performance, a coming together to make music which is one of the hallmarks of the folk music scene. It is as if the recording engineers were allowed to eavesdrop on the music making - and captured frozen improvisations. The variety of sound on these albums is remarkable and the number of instruments and voices involved produces some remarkable programmes. But don't be fooled by the apparent ease - these musicians work hard, rehearsing and arranging behind the scenes (or discreetly working and honing their style during a jam session in a quiet town or country pub). The result is carefully crafted music which honours and past but which, like all living things, moves on and develops. Next time they play and sing the results will be different. The old folk melodies of the British Isles are honoured and respected, are treated as raw material for high quality music making.

Folk Music from Ireland presents famous tunes (track 1) alongside some which are less well-known outside the folk tradition. The river Bann, the counties of Kildare and Galway and many other places all inspired music making and songs at one time or another throughout the history of this musical land. Jigs, reels and other dances mix with songs about nature, folk legends and characters from the past.


Ian Giles
Ian Page
Sharon Lindo
Matthew Spring

The Amber Quartet
Ian Giles voice & bodrhan
Paul Sartin fiddle
John Spiers melodeon
Benji Kirkpatrick bouzouki & guitar

Dr Faustus
Paul Sartin fiddle
Tim van Eyken accordeon
Robert Harbron concertina
Benji Kirkpatrick bouzouki

Jon Banks guitar
Ben Grove mandolin
Hilary Perona-Wright boddrhan
Nigel Perona-Wright flute

All arrangements by courtesy of the performers.

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